Can I stop bill collectors from calling me?

The moment a bankruptcy case is filed the law requires that creditors stop all collection activity including telephone calls, billings, garnishments, freezing bank accounts, and all lawsuits and foreclosures.

If a case has not been filed then the only law that may decrease the frequency of collector calls is the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. This law only applies to debt collectors and not to the actual creditor itself.

If you are receiving harassing telephone calls then you should contact legal counsel as soon as possible.

Listing Your Bills:

When you list your bills prior to filing for bankruptcy, it is your responsibility to provide the names, proper addresses, and account numbers for all your bills. A bill that is not listed in the bankruptcy or that has a wrong address cannot be discharged.

You will be given a copy of the bankruptcy papers to keep for your records. It is your responsibility to check the papers in Schedules D, E, and F, to be sure all your bills are listed.

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